happy birthday Harvey Tan !

still the same dashing and fit-looking guy, Harvey’s been all these years. I’d hate you if I didn’t like you so much kabatch 🙂

Belated happy birthday (27th June) to batchmate Mr Harvey Tan !

There are so many good things to remember about Harvey, who was a contemporary in both primary and middle school.

He had few peers in forensics and theater arts.  He was in the officer corps for Citizen Military Training.  He had a bottomless reserve of jokes and quips and matched some of our teachers pound for pound in quite a few class discussions.

But if I know Harvey, he would love above all else to be remembered as a comrade in the classroom, and just as importantly, as a friend.

So sorry to have missed your special day, thanks for all the awesome memories, and God bless you always Harvey!

YLB Noel

2 thoughts on “happy birthday Harvey Tan !

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