pinoy denture redux

would you believe he has less than perfect teeth? as if he needed them, no?

TRUE TO the spirit of keeping it real, stream of consciousness-unedited except for funny typos and subject-verb disagreements, I rant and rave about yet another fact of life for me: a denture maintenance appointment back home that would otherwise cost and arm and a leg in our adopted foreign workplace.  Inasmuch as I benefit from said workplace in so many other ways, I offer no excuses, no apologies.

I had been needing major overhauling of my incisors and molars way before, but a bicycle accident brought the urgency to sharp relief : one front tooth mangled out of commission, and another chipped almost beyond recognition.  Besides that, I’d been forever suffering from overworking one side of my jaw muscles because of a sad lack of personnel on the “weak” side, and I needed porcelain reinforcements like yesterday.

Two dentists and two shattered denture plates later, I was both frustrated and bank account-challenged with my experience.  The hard surface occasionally pinched my gums, and the first one I chewed on after it dislodged from an over-enthusiastic encounter with spare ribs, the second one I also cut in half with my misguided masticating.  I’m not exaggerating on the price tags : I don’t earn a lot of bread, and each plate cost me about a week’s wages, not a pretty sight for my Minister of Budget, that meant postponing the oil change, augmenting our balikbayan fund, and other modest expenses.  Because this was just as much a cosmetic as it was a medical/dental expense, it bothered the eff out of my conscience.

But the dentist was ultra-smooth and personable as a PAL flight steward with his presentation, which helped a lot.  I’m not knocking my NZ colleagues Noel, but we don’t make those kinds of dentures anymore, slightly raising his eyebrows at my pitiful looking poshtesho.  The grip is total, and you’ll never need to worry about breakage again, noting my tragicomedic tales about two successive shatterings and driving esposa hermosa to her wits’ end with her attempts at repair with airplane glue and quick-drying Mighty Bond.

So, your wife is also a dentist, Doc Guerrero said, feebly attempting a joke in reference to esposa’s repair skills.  I merely rolled my eyes partly because I was helpless to say anything else, and partly because I couldn’t talk with my mouth open.  (What would I do without her?)

Even with the impressive sounding quotation for the dentures, it was still not even a quarter of what it might cost in Wellington, but of course I didn’t tell Doc (if you’re reading this Doc, well the cat’s out of the bag isn’t it?)  Either way it would cost me humongously, but it was a huge help having it done by a kabayan.  And the newer denture technology didn’t hurt either. 😉

As soon as I get the results I’ll update you (if you’re interested), but in the meantime would you believe Tom-Kat calling it quits after five years?  Maybe I can borrow their perfect, close-up smiles while they respectively look for new partners…

Thanks for reading!

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