belated happy birthday Nancy Chua !

excellent taste and quiet elegance has always been a signature of Nancy !

belated happy birthday (24th August) to Ms Nancy Chua !

One of our most impressive contemporaries in high school was Nancy.

Of impressive stature, she had a nearly picture-perfect face, was outstanding with both the spoken and written word, and could either light up a room or charm a guy speechless with just one of her enigmatic smiles.

Through the years, and aided by Facebook photos and feel-good reunions, we have the confidence to say that she has not lost the qualities that so won us over, then and now.

So sorry for the late greeting dear kabatch, so nice to see you last reunion, and thanks for the memories!

YLB Noel

6 thoughts on “belated happy birthday Nancy Chua !

  1. Kapatid, you are a sweet man! Your eloquence is one of your endearing traits! Thank you for your kind words! Will always remember our Iskolar ng Bayan days! Time can’t take that away from us. take care always.

    • It’s not often that I agree with every single word of a comment, but this is one of those times ! Yes, our UP memories will stand the test of time. Thanks for the use of your pic by the way, looking good, and hope you had a great birthday Nancy!

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