belated happy birthday Michael Tan !

Michael (center) with family.

belated happy birthday (4th September) to my high school classmate Mr Michael Tan !

MacTan was as lowkey, soft-spoken and clean-cut as it got, but he was one of the more memorable members of my class more than three decades ago.

He was never too high, never too low, never too rowdy, but never too boring, never too happy and never too sad.  He knew exactly what to say for every moment, and did just enough to get by.  Which was exactly how he (and most of us) wanted it.  Laid back, cool, and just one of the guys.

One thing I won’t forget about MacTan though, and that’s the fact that we had very similar tastes in what we considered pretty, cute and beautiful.  That I won’t easily forget.

Then and now, he was someone that I could easily relate with, and it was great to see you at the 30th anniversary reunion.  Belated greetings classmate, and many happy returns!

YLB Noel

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