kapwa ko mahal ko, sa hirap at ginhawa (loving my fellow man, in good times and bad)

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ISA SA PINAKAMAHIRAP GAWIN ng ating kapwa, Pinoy man o hindi, ay humingi ng tulong. Gawin na ang lahat, magpagod at magpuyat, wag lang lumapit sa ibang tao, ilabas ang palad at bumigkas ng “hihiram lang ng pambili ng bigas bro.” 😥

[translation : one of the hardest things anyone can do, be he Filipino or otherwise, is to ask help from others. A person in need would rather do anything, even tire oneself or undergo sleeplessness, just to avoid stretching out his palms and ask : just a little bit to borrow brother, for my family’s rice? ]

Dahil sa hiya, dahil sa pag-akalang mapapahiya lang tayo, at dahil sa paniniwalang ayaw nating maging pabigat sa iba, mag-iisip muna tayong sampung beses bago humingi ng kinakailangang tulong.

*****               *****               *****

But times are different at the moment. A virus that has felled more than three million of the human race, with fatalities reaching half a million, has forced all of us to adapt and adjust to our environment in ways we never thought possible. Social distancing, contact tracing, wage subsidies have all been brought out of the arsenal in the fight against Covid-19.

Mary Anne D Martin

[ Thanks and acknowledgment to the FB photo library of Ms Mary Anne D. Martin! ]

New Zealand has done very well, reducing infections and treating the worst hit risk groups (the elderly, respiratory system compromised) and keeping people sheltered and fed during the highest level lockdown.

Despite this, migrant workers (not the least Pinoys) have suffered from lack of income and increased consumption forced by staying at home and more opportunities to eat. The lack of extra income like overtime hours and side gigs have not helped, either.

*****               *****               *****

Too  shy to ask for help, the desperate Pinoy can be understood only by fellow Pinoys.

Enter the passionate and inspired activities of The Good Heart NZPH Foundation, bringing food assistance and essential goods to those kabayan who need it most, without asking for anything in return. Staffed by volunteers led by chairman Lani Larsen and energized by Alicat Lozano in Wellington, Cora Sitchon Laquindanum  and Ronan de Guzman in Hamilton, Edgar Rondon Calapati and Dennis Panes Magcalas in Auckland , Rodel Agustin Daquioag in Blenheim, Ivan and Elizabeth Presquito of Christchurch, these selfless kabayan  provided the vital link between generous donors among our kabayan who give until it hurts and those kabayan who needed it the most during the lockdown between March 25 and April 27 this year.

In their own words:

Good Heart NZPH Foundation has reached out to almost 400 OFW recipients all over NZ, with the largest coming from Auckland. We received donations in Cash & kinds from members of the Filipino Community through appeals by Facebook posts .

Gusto pang tumulong ng grupong ito subali’t may limit din ang mga donations at inaasahang sa pagbaba ng Alert level (expected to be Alert Level 2 next week as of this writing) things will get back to normal.

Jo Repuno

[thanks and acknowledgment to the Facebook photo library of Jo Repuno.]

Sadyang maawain at mapagbigay ang pusong Pinoy. Napatunayan ito nung alert level 4 (highest level) di lang ng mga dose dosenang donors at nagbigay ng lahat ng uring goodies kundi ng diwa ng kawang-gawa na ipinakita ng Good Heart NZPH  Foundation. Mabuhay kayo!


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