oras nang tumigil ng pagyoyosi kabayan

THERE’S NOTHING NEW  that I can say now that you haven’t heard before. Because you’ve heard it so often I won’t even repeat it, just my personal experience and how it relates to others in my situation kabayan:

MGA NASAYANG NA PANAHON, HINAYANG SA KAYAMANANG DI MAEENJOY. Most OFWs and migrants finally wise up and quit smoking later in life, during in middle age. When you’re young and beautiful, you think you’re bulletproof and live forever, which of course isn’t true.

Now when you’re a smoker and at the same time an OFW or migrant two things are going to happen in your middle age (50 – 65 years old ish) whether or not you quit : first, you’ll start to enjoy the things you worked hard for, savings, mortgage and retirement. Second, partly because of the natural processes of aging and partly because of the years and years of exposure to tobacco suffered by your lungs, your body begins to break down, both with weakened lung function, weakened heart, and as a result, a vastly diminished lifestyle.

May these two factors (enjoyment of your life’s work and the inevitability of suffering from smoking) coexist? Maybe, for a short while. But logic, the laws of health and common sense will take over before long.

Sayang naman. Maganda ang tanawin. Nakaiwas ka sa init ng Inang Bayan. And tragically, now that you have the time and resources to enjoy life, you can’t, because you have to devote all your money to medicines and doctor’s bills.

THE UNSEEN EFFECT TO THE FAMILY. If something happens to you and you die, you leave a family looking forward to making up for your half-a-lifetime of absence (if you’re an OFW) and now unprepared for a life without you. You cultivate resentment and bitterness because you may have provided and prepared fo a financially secure life, but you neglected your own health in the process, leading to disastrous and tragic results.

HABANG BUHAY, MAY PAG-ASA. But all is not lost. There is hope. You just need to quit smoking NOW, and reap the benefits, whether you’re an aspiring OFW, or already overseas, or already a migrant. 24 hours after your stop smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure begin to normalize. A few days after you stop, your dental health improves. (please check above for the full summary) Every step of the way, good things happen to the quitter, as long as he has the intention and will to stop. By the way, this is true whether or not you are an OFW or migrant or anything.

Long ago, I started smoking and I did for 24 years. I regret ever starting, but I can’t undo that. I quit 12 years ago, and that, I don’t regret. I hope you can join me kabayan (or friends of kabayan).

Huwag mong sayangin ang mga pinaghirapan mo kabayan. Itigil na ang pagyoyosi, today and right now.

Thanks for reading!

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