Quittable 2017 : you CAN and are able to stop smoking, today

[Note : Ok ok the not so positive reinforcment is up there in that video (if I was able to find it), the positive is below. I do this around this time every year since I quit smoking for good in 2007. I don’t want to sound like a pompous, sanctimonious anti-smoking advocate, but only for today, I will. thanks for reading! ]

NOT GIVING THE SLIGHTEST care about what others say, Precious Reader / Kabayan or both, I believe that blogs are the last bastion and refuge of the brutally honest, whether or not such honesty serves them. To myself, my God and eternity I owe having done my best, choosing good over evil, and being true to myself. Since I can’t promise the last two, at least I can try doing the first, right? 🙂

And that’s why I begin this post by telling you Precious Reader, that whoever tells you that, having quit smoking for good (recently, a few years ago or a lifetime ago), he or she doesnt miss it, is lying, propagandizing, or simply not being honest  with himself / herself (I’ll stuck to the male pronoun for facility from hereon OK?). Whether it’s physical or mental, the temporary comfort of relieving stress, the appearance of being cool whatever else, there must be SOME benefit of smoking. Having quit must therefore produce an even greater benefit, or avoiding an evil greater than the supposed benefit.

And such production or avoidance we have long been acquainted with, from bad breath, breathing or lung capacity, prevention of lung cancer and emphysema, to living a quality life well beyond your retirement years, the list is long and substantial. I just want to add a few original thoughts (to me):

YOU CAN STOP AT ANY AGE. I quit smoking at the ripe old age of  42, when only twenty years previous, I thought hitting your 40s  was the twilight of your life. After quitting, I remarried, ran two half-marathons, and learned a new profession. So when you think back, at the time I quit my life was actually in front of me. And your new life is actually in front of you too, as soon as you stop smoking. You can do literally anything you want, which brings me to my next thought:

THE POTENTIAL FOR POST SMOKING GREATNESS IS INFINITE. Restart and jumpstart vigorous physical activity after years of dormancy. Spice up intimacy and sex with your beloved. Take up a new hobby, or even clean up around the house. The possibilities are tremendous, and limited only by your imagination. All because you decided to stop smoking, whose effects go beyond the rejuvenation gained by your body. You begin to think more clearly, your life is no longer defined by a bad habit, and more enjoyably, your social life improves dramatically (as in, people no longer avoid you and your bad breath). See? Those scenarios I thought up just as I was typing this, without even a second to pause and think about same. Imagine this: 24 hours after you smoke your last cigarette, you begin reaping the benefits physically and psychologically, no matter how long you’ve been smoking.

SO YOU BACKSLID? JUST QUIT AGAIN. That cynical quote attributed to Mark Twain says it all: “It’s easy to quit (smoking), I’ve done it a hundred times.” So you were on your longest streak ever, three months, when in a moment of weakness during an inuman (drinking session) you saw someone light up and just had to say yes to the offer to share a ciggie? Let me guess, you were back to smoking the next day like you never stopped. Sigh, this happens a lot of times, but the great thing is you’ve got the right attitude, and you’ve accomplished so much by taking the first step. Next thing to do is start your streak again!

See Precious Reader? You’ve made the first step by reading all the way to this last paragraph. Of course the rest is up to you, but as far as I’m concerned, you’re on your way. Mabuhay ka, and congrats on your decision to stop smoking!

Thanks for reading!