with great smarts (& looks) comes great responsibility : happy birthday Bunso!

to be young with nary a care in the world... happy birthday Bunso!

to be young with nary a care in the world… happy birthday Bunso! Thanks and acknowledgment for the photo to the Facebook photo library of Bunso. 🙂

[ For the nth time, I ask Precious Reader to indulge me in bit of what sounds like selfish immodesty.  At the expense of people who haven’t had kids, let me talk about very personal feelings about having a son like Bunso. ]

IT SURELY smacks of insincerity whenever I accuse Bunso (to his face and witnessed by his sister, no less) that one of his few shortcomings is his vanity, because chief among his reasons for his comely looks is the fact that he looks a lot like me.  About his rationale I certainly have no complaint, but now I have to start finding other ways to find fault with him.

Because in truth, I can’t find much that is wrong with him.  He is kind, intelligent, charming to a fault, is disarmingly agreeable but will fiercely discuss debatable issues with you well into the night, if that is your cup of tea.  He will spend his last peso (now dollar) helping pay a friend’s overdue rent, and will secretly stamp extra stars on your loyalty card to get you closer to your free mochaccino (shhh, he used to be barista in that ubiquitous multinational-owned cafe, not that it matters).  And every other time we sit down for a java, he will insist that he at least pay for a muffin, reasoning out that we are both peons in the salt mines of life, earning wages levels not much different from each other.  “Papa, you can’t pay for me all the time,” he sez with an eye twinkle that means well actually yes you can, but just not this time.

And of course, there’s the looks that you can’t mess with. (irony indicating smiley face here) 🙂

*****     *****     *****

With all these gifts comes great responsibility to make use of them, paraphrasing Stan Lee’s Uncle Ben (Parker).  Bunso is not just a clever brain resting inside a pretty face.  His is a combination of ruthless ambition and focused drive, something he has nursed like a fever inside him since he discovered his purpose in life : to be the best he can be.

Scary as it sounds, and without exposing himself too much (although I’ve every right to as a doting dad) he knows exactly what he wants to be in the space-time curve he has plotted, in two, three, five and ten year intervals.  In a role reversal, if I had the forward thinking and determination he now has when I was his age (becoming 20 as we speak), I would in every sense of the word be successful today.

Obviously I’m not, unqualifiedly successful I mean, but I am a resounding success in at least one aspect.  My attempt at fatherhood has produced an individual that any father can be proud of, and that is of course none other than Bunso.

I am so happy you’ve turned out the way you have, and every day you’re looking better.  I love you always, and happy birthday Bunso!


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