Quittable 2015 : proof of life (after smoking)

stop it now!

stop it now!

[ Note : I know in my heart of hearts that if it can make even ONE person stop, it’s worth  the effort, so I try to post a quit smoking blog at least once a year, preferably on the anniversary of  the month I stopped eight years ago, that’s November.  that means I’m five months late.  Well, better late than never, thanks for reading! Maraming salamat to IAmAPizza for the YouTube video below!]

I almost didn’t notice it a few years ago when my sense of smell returned to its former powers, and it came in a blast.  The combination of smells I hadn’t discerned in decades and the memories they brought back was initially overwhelming : fresh cotton candy, the faintest aroma of imminent rain and the “singaw” (heat) coming from the earth as it drizzled; even freshly mowed grass.  I was brought back instantly to days of teens and late childhood, and I couldn’t believe I had gone without such awareness for so, so long.

The revival of long-diminished lung capacity was more gradual.  Purer air encouraged me to breathe more deeply, and breathing more deeply encouraged me to exercise more.  And exercising more, of course, led to more deep breathing.  A vicious cycle, but with pleasant consequences.  After around five years, it’s an educated guess, but I was as fit as I was before.

Before what, the Precious Reader may ask.  Isn’t it obvious, sir / madam? Before I started smoking, that’s what.

*****     *****     *****

When you really think about it though, what I just said, returning to a fitness level before I started smoking almost 25 years ago is actually near impossible, so I admit I might have been exaggerating.  But imagine inhaling a mini-furnace that produces around 2,000 chemicals and injecting it straight into your lungs, every waking hour of your day.  Imagine choking your alveoli with carbon monoxide, tar and a cocktail of several other luscious gases instead of the oxygen it so badly needs, nearly 30 times a day (the equivalent of a pack and a half of ciggies), 5+ minutes each time.  Take away this awful exposure to supermagnified pollution, and the benefits are almost immediate.

You just need to stop.

And because your sense of smell has become so numbed by smoke, smoke and more smoke, your nose forgets the subtle smells and fragrant aromas you used to associate with good cooking, closeness to nature, and the exhilaration of youth.  By the time you realize your folly, you’ve been smoking for more than half your life.  But it’s never too late to take back your health, and what remains of your life.

You just need to stop.

And if you think there isn’t much left of your life, after all that you’ve lived through and smoked through?  If you think not stopping isn’t going to make a difference, I dare you to take a look at these gems of advertising.  If you can’t look at all the 40 ads, just try the first two :

It sounds tacky, but it’s never too late to stop smoking.  (Erase that, it doesn’t sound tacky.  It never will.)


4 thoughts on “Quittable 2015 : proof of life (after smoking)

    • thanks doc! so sorry not to have followed your blogs lately. the blog is just a way of paying it forward to all those who went out of their way to convince me to quit.

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