how mom made my day on her birthday

Mommy Dearest with Second Brother.  happy birthday from all of us Mom!

Mommy Dearest with Second Brother. happy birthday from all of us Mom! Thanks bro Jude Bautista for the pic!

[Note : It never fails.  When you dream of someone, either (1) you’re thinking of that person, or (2) it’s a special day associated with that person.  Dreamt of Mom the other day, wrote this yesterday, posting it today only.  Thanks for reading! ]

MOM would never make it to a My Kitchen Rules final, nope that’s just not her strength.  Neither does she bake, or do breakfast even on her best days.  Sewing, knitting or other homemaking  skills?  She’s not your best bet.

And yet, my mom is hands down an all-time, hall-of-fame, world-class mom, although of course I’m biased.  In your life’s shrinking team of diehard, never-say-die believers, you can count on her to be the last man (woman) standing.   She will always be your worst critic, but only to your face, when it’s just you and her.  Otherwise, she is your most rabid defender, and she will never let you down, in Tagalog, di ka nya ilalaglag kahit kailan.

***     ***     ***

My mom gives it you straight, no chaser, undiluted with PC words or flattery.  But her support for you is 101%, unqualified and uncompromising.  She is just like that, to all her five sons.  In our Overseas Chinese school back in the 1970s, there was once a Chinese parable taught to us about a mother hen, loving and nurturing to her brood of chicks, but who didn’t flinch when an eagle swooped down to pick up one of the weaker chicks.  The mother hen dove straight and true and pecked the eagle with pinpoint accuracy on the eye.  Mr One-Eyed Eagle left that particular brood of chicks after that.

That mother hen is my mom personified.  She is all smiles and schmooze in sociable times, but not when it comes to family.  She will in this regard not hesitate to aid and defend, and as to whatever means necessary, she will later neither confirm nor deny.  That’s just Mom for you.

***     ***     ***

In her later years, she has mellowed alright, but she has not given up helping others, whether it be finding a job for a young hopeful, referring an ailing kaprobinsya to a specialist doctor friend, or just helping making ends meet for a troubled family.  Mom will never talk about these things to you, because that is not her style.  That’s how she’s always been, and how she’ll always be.

And that’s why I know that on her birthday, Mom deserves the best.  Thank you again esteemed bros for being there for her back home today.

***     ***    ***

I nearly forgot to tell you how she made my day.  Didn’t I just tell you Mom never varnishes the truth or butter you up with a bit of flattery?  Well she has learned it a bit, and she even tried it on little old me, her most underachieving son!   I just called on her birthday, and she was as usual selling her favorite deli items in an American Embassy sponsored event, the American Woman’s Club Bazaar:

Kurot, kurot! kurot, kurot! kurot, kurot!  Hello?

Happy birthday mom from all of us in New Zealand!

Wow, thank you for remembering me, my FAVORITE SON.

I laugh an inappropriate laugh, woohoohoohoohoo!

Why are you laughing ? Mom asks with almost surely a twinkle in her eye.

I almost say I’m laughing because I’ve never heard you say THAT before Mom, but I say because I’m so happy I’m your favorite son (today) Mom!   I wish you God’s blessings of long life and health, now would you like to speak with your FAVORITE daughter-in-law? 🙂 🙂 🙂

I guess every mom is entitled to have a favorite son on her birthday, woohoohoo!

***     ***     ***

Happy birthday Mom, you are the very very best!  I love you lots!


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