for this kabayan Pinay mom, can the timing be any better?

Dominion Post[ Note : My bisor thought she was Polynesian, the Quality Assurance manager thought she was Maori, but one look at the smile on today’s front page (
above) told me the subject below was one of ours.  Mabuhay and maligayang pagdating Nicolas Javier and congrats and job well done  to the proud parents Rea and John !]

FILIPINOS, MALAYSIANS, Taiwanese and everyone else in the region must have gotten it from the Chinese.  We all love to start things with a bang.  Witness the Armageddon-like fireworks we all indulge in at New Year’s Eve; the countdowns in multi-media megaevents (well, everyone does it the world over) and the huge parties and celebrations that no one can do without.

We also like to start our major events auspiciously, like the Chinese do.  Remember the rush to have babies during the Dragon Year of the Chinese astrological calendar?  How about doing everything to have a baby born of the eighth hour of the eighth day of the eighth month, eight being a particularly lucky number in the Asian universe.

And lastly, how about having a baby born during a particularly eventful day, the Apollo 11 landing for example?  I know at least one Pinay named Aldrina, who was of course named after Buzz Aldrin, only the second man on the moon after Neil Armstrong.

You therefore can’t get any better than our kabayan who starred in Wellington‘s Dominion Post today.  She gave birth during the scary  6.5 magnitude earthquake last Sunday, and only two days before the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, more popularly known as Prince William and Princess Kate and third in line to the British throne.

So within a span of TWO days, that’s TWO major events coinciding with the said birth.   It was even reported in the local paper, and remember at the time the latter wasn’t even aware that the royal baby’s birth was imminent!  This means one event was auspicious enough.

This is one of those posts where I don’t have to say much, I’ll just reproduce the Dominion Post story below (entitled Baby’s start to life shaky but worth it, says mom) if you don’t mind :

(July 23) NEW mother Rea Javier might just be the only person in Wellington who was oblivious to Sunday’s earthquake.

The combined effects of epidurals and a tough labour meant her focus was elsewhere.

“I think I felt the quake but I had other things on my mind,” she said from her bed at Hutt Hospital yesterday as she cradled her son Nicolas.

He is already being called Quake by his young cousins.

Husband John said : “Rea was foggy with all the medicine and she was just focusing on the labour.

“I was definitely scared.  We didn’t know what was going to happen, but the hospital staff were very reassuring, they said nothing’s going to happen to the baby.”

The quake, at 5.09 pm, caused the hospital lifts to close down for half an hour and delayed getting Mrs Javier into theatre for a caesarean section.  But, at 6.42 pm, Nicholas was borh, weighing a healthy 3.3 kilograms.

“Everything was worth it in spite of what happened,” Mrs Javier said.

She and her husband moved to the Wellington suburb of Newlands from the Philippine capital of Manila, about five years ago.

Mrs Javier said that, although they had experienced quakes in their homeland, they were nowhere as intense or as frequent as in New Zealand.  (Woohoo!)

Thanks so much in advance The Dominion Post and its reporter Mr Matt Stewart, and may the Pinoy community continue to add to the New Zealand population in a spectacular way, timing-wise!  Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

Thanks for reading!


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