are you ready for Afterglow Arcade this saturday?

I CAN no longer relate to current OPM (if ever I did) the way the present generation does,   but I certainly know if somebody deserves attention from their kabayan Pinoys.

I was lucky enough to attend the Rivermaya-Bamboo-Gloc9-Loonie concert held in Wellington last November.  Fronting for them was an energetic indie fusion band that seemed to combine all the right influences into their sound.  They were doing all the obligatory cover songs, but they were doing quite well on their own with a couple of catchy original numbers.

I wasn’t surprised upon knowing of their success afterwards.  Afterglow Arcade has won 1st place in the 2007 and 2008 Rockquest regional finals, a youth band competition in New Zealand.  Being a partly Kinoy band, they’ve visited their homeland the Philippines and have done the rounds with variety shows on GMA7 and TV5.  They’ve also provided street entertainment for the 2011 Rugby World Cup Fanzone, and have as I mentioned fronted for various superstar Pinoy bands and artists visiting the Wellington region.

Their signature blurb sounds so good I just have to repeat it :

Forming in late 2005, the Wellington based band has been engaging audiences with their intense live show, original compositions and spreading their love for music to eager ears all over the world.

Combining their love for sports fitness and music seem to be the common thread of the Afterglow band members. 

Camille / Jaycee , an athletic, K-Pop-loving Victoria University sophomore, enjoys writing music and playing instruments like the guitar, piano, bass and drums.  Her brother Mike, a Victoria University IT grad is also athletic, but loves music even more.  In between developing software for various industries, he runs, plays basketball and collaborates with bands from multiple genres.

Kervin on his final year in Victoria University doing Bachelor of Business Information Systems, combines music, sports and the technological aspect of improving the Afterglow sound. Drummer Von started playing in his late teens and has never  looked back. Besides music, he’s also very fanatical towards basketball, beats and drum solos. 

Wellington Soundcheck, their April 6 (Saturday) concert will be at the St Bernard’s College auditorium on Waterloo St Lower Hutt, and performing with them are an equally awesome band the JAMBLN juaNZ. Fronting them are Paulo Canlas, Bhren Barot, Lyn & Peach Bobis, and SIMPLY MelOdDi.  Each and every artist is Kinoy in word and in deed.

If you’re free this Saturday, how about giving our kabayan musical artists some of our time?  Tickets are available at the gate, or with Carol at 021 408588, Lev at 021 2167041, Neil at 0210355880 or Precy at 021 127927.

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