pinagmamalaking kabayang nars sa USA, UK, NZ atbp :)

Pinoy engineers, IT professionals, caregivers and other careers are equally deserving, but because Pinay nurses are well-known and well-loved all over the world, they hog the limelight.  The rest of us dutifully stand back and give them their due.

In his State of the Union Address last Feb 12, US Pres Barack Obama honored kabayan Menchu Sanchez, a New Jersey nurse, for devising an impromptu evacuation plan for 20 newborn patients, without regard for their own safety, while Hurricane Sandy was howling.

And just over a week ago, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, chose to speak to a Pinay nurse over two of her colleagues in a hospital visit and joked that the Philippines must be “half empty” with so many of our kabayan in the UK’s National Health Service, the equivalent of our Department of Health back home.

They carry our cultural DNA, represent us everywhere, and for good or bad, are the face of  the Filipino all over the world.  At least one in ten OFWs is a nurse, and we are proud to call them our own.  The above instances are just the most famous, but every day a Pinay nurse makes us proud to be Pinoy.  A big big hello to our kabayan nurses here in New Zealand, Americas, the Europe and everywhere on God’s good Earth!

Mabuhay po kayong lahat!


8 thoughts on “pinagmamalaking kabayang nars sa USA, UK, NZ atbp :)

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  2. Buti pa sa ibang bansa pinararangalan ang Pilipino nurses. Pero sa ating bansa, according to kandidatong Villar, ang ating mga nurses raw ay pang “room nurse” lang, at hindi kailangan magaling.

    • kaya nga doc, I really don’t get it. It looks like she’s putting the nursing profession down for being not up to par, and at the same time she’s herself uninformed. Kulang talaga sa tact and paghahanda no? regards and more power to your awesome blog!

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