happy anniversary Clark and Didith Figuracion !

“I will grow old with you.” happy anniversary!

IT’S LIBERALLY used, but the phrase a match made in heaven bespeaks of such hope, joy and love in a relationship looking forward that it’s often used, throwing caution to the winds and damn the torpedoes.  Such a phrase we use with alacrity in defining the marriage of Clark and Didith Figuracion, who recently celebrated their anniversary last 1st February.

They are one of the handsomest Pinoy couples we know in the Wellington Pinoy community. But they are not only glitter and glamor; each carrying a portfolio of impressive talents, skills and boundless energy that, shining in their individual selves, combine to produce an uncommon synergy of leadership, innovation and creativity.

Beyond their obvious gifts, or maybe because of it, they have lent their time and efforts to many a worthy cause for Pinoys, Asians and the greater migrant community in New Zealand’s biggest little capital.  Be it a cultural festival, Wellington Misa de Gallo or simply fund raising for something dear to Filipinos everywhere, Didith and Clark will be there, and will do what is asked of them, but in their own special way.

We’re relatively new to the Wellington barangay but we already know that the Tayawa-Figuracion couple have stamped their class here, and make our Pinoy fellowship a better one.  They are truly among our best and brightest.

Happy anniversary kabayan!


4 thoughts on “happy anniversary Clark and Didith Figuracion !

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