very random thoughts on interviewing an A-lister pinoy style

I just spent a first full day in a different department at work, and it’s been tiring and stressful.  And this is just my way of venting.  Pasensya na po.

First thought : Anne H wasn’t as uppity and suplada as the blogosphere and Yahoo! Philippines portrayed her to be, apropos the Ricky Lo interview.  Probably 90 to 95% of the interview she was or attempted to be professional and engaging, and the money shot portion, where she was allegedly sarcastic, could be interpreted either way.  She could have tried to deflect Ricky’s question in an admittedly awkward manner (though Ricky’s question itself sounded awkward) or was pointedly trying to be “difficult” which, given her superstar status, couldn’t have been a biggie for her.

Second thought : the central issue the whole interview has brought out to me is : on balance, which is more important, maintaining the proper poise that an A-lister, polite sort of interviewee and eager-to-please media personality is expected to have OR maintaining a professional, non-intrusive and non-aggressive demeanor as a journalist.  You can skewer on live coals either of the parties to the cringe-worthy interview as a prickly prima donna or a celebrity interviewer who decided to wing it on a very important interview.  But to a large extent, I’ve seen this as a judgment call.  It’s too close to call who’s the bad guy here.  Or is there one at all?

Third thought : You can’t deny this : you can only push being a Pinoy-style showbiz interviewer so far before it becomes tiring.  Anne was quite glowing with her unabashed admiration for Lea Salonga, and Ricky might have quit while he was ahead.  I admit that asking your interviewee to invite the general public to your movie is quite amateurish, and although it works back home, Ricky should’ve known better.

There.  Those are my instant, instant thoughts.  I’ve only seen the interview once and I must’ve missed some of the finer points, but I sink or swim on my own.

Ricky Lo will continue to give us great interviews and great journalism, and Anne Hathaway will continue to dazzle with an already brilliant career.  This interview, hopefully, will just be a bump in the road for both of them.

5 thoughts on “very random thoughts on interviewing an A-lister pinoy style

  1. Ricky Lo is unprofessional. Anne handled this amateur perfectly. Oh and Lea Salonga wouldn’t make it anywhere else but the Philippines.

  2. Noel, I handle a high school journ seminar every summer and can’t wait to use the Ricky Lo interview as a case study. Let’s see what the young blood have to say about it. I’ll avoid giving any hints about the interview being one of the sorriest episodes in our modern media landscape. But I’m betting it will have a chilling effect on my small band of campus proteges, who will henceforth never attend another interview unprepared. My specific advice has remained the same all these years: be armed to the teeth. Always pack no fewer than 25 well-thought questions to any interview assignment.

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