why Zenie Lorenzo Low is our favorite Kinoy*

Zenie with OgieEVEN THE faintest awareness of the Pinoy community in Auckland New Zealand will tell you that Zenie Lorenzo Low, or Tita Zenie is one of its best and brightest.  She has always lent her considerable energy, talent and presence to most of our big, big, Kinoy family’s plans and projects through the years.

Extra feathers in her cap are her labor of love, the Filipino Herald and ZLL Productions Ltd, which through print media and homegrown talents seek to showcase the best that the Philippines can offer.  She almost never seeks recompense for her efforts, asking only that she breaks even for her modest investment, spread happiness among her co-migrants in Aotearoa, and helps spread the word about how good we are in what we do, which is a little of everything.

Yet another milestone in her long line of achievements bringing A-1 local talent to NZ shores is her grand project, Ogie Alcasid : Boy Pick Up, Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang Sa New Zealand?  Bringing to Auckland probably the pre-eminent musical and performance talent of our generation, Tita Zenie has succeeded in bringing the multi-awarded, multi-talented and universally admired Ogie A to our neighborhood for a one-night-only performance, April 20 at the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane, Auckland.   The achievement speaks for itself.

While it would not be fair to use this endeavor to define the sum of Tita Zenie’s business, marketing and promotional genius, it certainly comes close.  With due respect to every artist who’s come before and after, Tita Zenie has certainly pulled off a coup, and this is one event that needs little help to get off the ground.

It would be a mistake to think that this is the grandest and ultimate effort in Tita Zenie’s impressive career as an impressario.  More like a continuing show of dazzle and brilliance that will shine in our Kiwi-Pinoy milieu for years to come.

For this and many others reasons, Ms Zenie Lorenzo Low is our favorite Kinoy!

Thanks for reading!

*Kinoy, a contraction for Kiwi Pinoy, is a non-racial term for Filipinos who’ve either been born or have migrated to New Zealand

6 thoughts on “why Zenie Lorenzo Low is our favorite Kinoy*

  1. Yez, true, I know Zeny Low way back in 1983-84. Hope to see her again. Kindly provide me with her contact number. I think she has changed it as my record was still in those years. Been back from overseas and cannot get hold of her in those address/ contac number. Thanks

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