who is your favorite Kinoy* of the year ?

Botong FranciscoA LOT of us, secretly at least, start out whining and sighing when we hear from them.

The organizer who never gets tired soliciting your time and energy for yet another fundraiser, the community leader championing lost causes back home, the civic-minded neighbor who wants to help the less fortunate through his Pinoy group, or the culture-conscious kabayan who doesn’t want you to forget Filipino music, dance or theater with the passage of time.

By the time they are finished with us, not only are we energized and inspired, we are guilty that we couldn’t have done more as red, blue and yellow Pinoys, and happy that there are people like the above who have done more than their share as descendants of Gat Jose Rizal, the scions of Plaridel, and the reincarnations of Atang dela Rama.  They do it in so many ways, but the bottom line is the same : they make us proud to be Pinoy.

Among all of these kabayan overachievers there must be one who stands out, universally inspiring us to be more than we could ever be, join hands as lahing kayumanggi and pay forward all the good things that have happened to us over the last 12 months.

That’s why I’m asking you my dear kabayan and friends to nominate your personal choice as Your Favorite Kinoy of 2012.

There are no guidelines to be followed, just a simple rule : that your nominee promoted and generated positive awareness for the Pinoy and the Filipino community at large.

If you need examples, let me enumerate a short list culled from my own little blogs : Didith Tayawa-Figuracion, Norman Latosa, Gladys Grace Stephens, Mimi and Jarvis Laurilla, former Consul-General Emilie Pe Shi, Chichi Abadingo , Kirsten Garcia, Marilou Guangco Scott, the AKLnzPINOYs family, and Sonny and Nieva Lim.  Your nominees are certainly not limited to these examples as we have many many countrymen and countrywomen going the extra mile to promote awareness of what we are and what we can do.

As soon as favorites emerge, we will blog all about them, and preferably before long we will present the Favorite Kinoy of the Year.  Please remember, it’s not my choice, it’s yours.

Thanks in advance for sending in your vote, send it here, or any of the e-groups / Facebooks in which you see this busybody blog.

Mabuhay and maligayang pasko po sa inyong lahat!

*Kinoy, a contraction for Kiwi Pinoy, is a non-racial term for Filipinos who’ve either been born or have migrated to New Zealand

16 thoughts on “who is your favorite Kinoy* of the year ?

  1. my personal favourite is the AklNZPinoy family. many say na may crab mentality daw ang mga Pinoy, this group proves that saying wrong. Everyone is treated like family sa AklNZPinoy – may maraming Kuya, may maraming Ate at may maraming nanganga-ilangan na dito sa AklNZPinoy forum nagtutulungan.

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