not only because i ran out of time today, but because it was such a great blog, I’m reposting it, thanks bro, and hope you enjoyed it as much 😉

Jude Bautista Gallery

Written and photographed

By Jude Bautista

For the first time, Pacquiao was caught on cam in tears and it wasn’t in the ring after being KOed by Marquez. It was in his hotel room after seeing the reaction of his countrymen to his loss against Marquez. Seeing the disappointment and collective frustration and pain by his countrymen hurt him more than any of the powerful punches that actually put him down the canvas.

Even when he was physically broken down he was still thinking of his countrymen more than himself. One of his priorities when he got home was providing relief goods to those who suffered from typhoon Pablo just days before the fight December 4. His province mates and the whole of Mindanao were battered. Places that never experienced a typhoon in decades were devastated. A total of 700 or more lives have been lost and billions of pesos…

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  1. he has so many hangers-on, even Roach complained. Marquez was buffed, Pacqioa was soft. I don’t like that his family ,heck, maybe his mother are going into politics. What the Filipinos need are people who are smart and has higher intellect, like Diokno, and Tanada ( Tanada was Mom’s first cousin ), not Pacquiao’s mother , wife or brother. Maybe they will win….. sometimes , the majority is not always right, especially if the majority have a combined IQ of 100 per 2 persons. This is what we call tyranny of the proletariat.

  2. My parents talk a lot about politics in the Philippines. My siblings tell them as Americans, it’s not their business anymore how the country is run. I, for one, think that any citizen has a right to run for any government position. Actors, actresses, comedians, tricycle drivers, laundrywoman, they all have the right….. but government officials should at least have a modicum of intellect to understand what’s going on on trade, law, commerce, foreign policy, national security of any country, especially now that there are dangerous posturings from a powerful country like China. It’s not as simple as gathering a bunch of street sweepers for their beautification projects.

    Sorrty but we did hear about the wife, the brother and the mother all wanting to go into politics, just because they can.

    • you always make my day renx, i always love reading your comments, cause it’s like listening to a classmate from long time ago. 🙂 yes, you’d think people would know better than to vote for unqualified candidates, but the latter just happen to be so popular ! maraming salamat!

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