belated happy birthday Joy Rosenbaum !

SJCS friends Hedy O.S., Christine C.S., Mev T and celebrant Joy in a previous event. Thanks for use of the pic Joy!

belated happy birthday (10th Nov) to Ms Joy Tan – Rosenbaum !

Among the high school friends I missed seeing on our 30th anniversary reunion last July, one of the persons I would’ve loved to see was Joy.

I would’ve loved asking her about her showbiz career in America, how her life turned out as well as it did, and how blessed all of us (well, most of us) have been.

But most of all I would have loved reminiscing about our high school days, and how, no matter how far and how long you’ve been gone — there’s no place like home.

Kudos on how wonderful you continue to be classmate, on how great you still look, and how the well the friendships weather the years!

Belated happy birthday and many happy returns!

YLB Noel


2 thoughts on “belated happy birthday Joy Rosenbaum !

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