belated happy birthday Eunice Cobankiat – Pascual !

our birthday celebrant Eunice with fellow high school classmate Pilar Ang Si !

belated happy birthday (14th November) to a fabulous high school friend, Ms Eunice Cobankiat – Pascual !

I THINK I’ve said it more than once, but on your special day, it bears being said again.

With looks like yours, a beautiful family, a talent that people appreciate, universal high regard among the people who count, and friends that have stood the test of time, what more is there to ask?

Not much I’ll venture to guess.  So that, if our last meeting during our recent reunion can be basis,  just let me wish for you the following : that you remain as youthful looking as you  are, that your talents continue to bring you fulfillment, that your family remains close and tight, and lastly, with a bit of selfishness, that your friends stay as true as always.

Belated happy birthday beloved friend, so sorry for the late greeting, regards to everyone back home, and many happy returns!


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