belated happy birthday Annette Sy !

Annette (left) and another beauty, Tess Sy – Chingkaw

Belated happy birthday (7th November) to a wonderful high school friend, Ms Annette Sy !

IN THE galaxy of pretty faces that was my high school batch, Annette’s was first among equals, and set many hearts aflutter, and I’m not denying, including mine.

She has maintained her awesome looks and nowhere was this more evident than during our 30th anniversary high school reunion earlier this year.

Matching the look is her winsome smile and can-do attitude, which has given her success in all her endeavors.  With a friend and ally like Annette, you cannot go wrong.

So sorry for the late greeting Annette, hope you had a wonderful birthday, God bless you always!

YLB Noel

3 thoughts on “belated happy birthday Annette Sy !

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