kabang the Pinoy’s best friend

a bit hard to look at but I don’t think this doctor (and the two girls Kabang saved) would mind staring at Kabang all day long :’) thanks and acknowledgment to photoshuts.blogspot.com

KUDOS NOT just to Kabang the hero dog for saving those two girls but to the owner as well, who must have trained his dog and given it enough love to literally put its body on the line for the welfare of its masters.

We don’t own a pet now in our temporary adopted land, but a Japanese spitz named Sherry lived with us almost throughout my preteens in Sta Cruz and Paco, Manila.  She bathed in our family’s undiluted attention in our first home, but had to compete with a half-breed named Liza after the moved to Paco.  Once, Sherry got bitten so badly by Liza that she had to spend a night at the vet’s for stitches.

We also owned a mixed-breed terrier named Fu-chi who was never out of energy, ran inside and out the house all day long.  Sadly, Fu-chi’s life was cut short after sampling a too-generous portion of rat poison.

a dog that looks remarkably like Fu-chi

After I became a family man and one of the first apartments we lived in was in a (very) low-iincome neighborhood, I actually saw at least twice two whole dogs being roasted on spits.  The partakers of this grisly feast were already intoxicated when they did this, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered, as this practice sadly is not that uncommon in my home country.

Thinking of my pet preferences, I can be both a dog person and cat person, but if you have a dog like Kabang who will do anything for his master/s, then I would have to be swayed, if I had the budget, to allow into our home (and our hearts) man’s best friend.