belated happy birthday Arlene Ayuste !

Arlene with her kids ! hard to believe.

You’ve had a classmate since Grade Six, but it seems like you’ve known her forever.

She’s always been an overachiever and a do-everything type, but after school, from everything you’ve heard and seen, she’s outdone even herself.

Outstanding mom, risk-taking businesswoman, and friendly batch 82 member.  And these are the modifiers and descriptions I’ve heard about her for years and years now.

One thing we’ll never get tired hearing, and I’m sure she’ll always pause for, is the tag she truly deserves : loyal friend.

So sorry for the late birthday greeting loyal friend, you’ll always be Number One for us, happy birthday and many happy returns Arlene!

YLB Noel


4 thoughts on “belated happy birthday Arlene Ayuste !

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