belated happy birthday Andy Lim !

it’s a compliment to Andy that like good wine, the years have only made him better. sorry for the late greeting friend!

belated happy birthday (14th August) to a fondly remembered classmate, Mr Andy Lim !

There are so many good memories of Andy that it wouldn’t do him justice to pick just one or two.

He had a highly developed sense of humor as early as Grade Six when we are all barely into puberty.  He knew how to make all of us laugh, and how to push the teacher’s buttons.  He also knew how to turn the class sentiment for or against whatever issue of the day that was raging.  Whatever, there was no doubt that he was highly intelligent and gifted in many facets of human excellence.

In sports he was also off the charts.  He could excel in most sports with one eye closed and one hand tied behind his back, when most of us were just learning the basic skills.  He had enough leadership smarts to organize teams just on the strength of his character and charisma, and for many 15 year-olds that’s saying a lot.

He was respected enough to be selected as one of the leaders in citizen military training, and was one of the senior members of the officers corps.  There was enough overlap for him to be selected the first president of the alumni batch association.

Since then he has made his own fortune and made his own destiny (in Toronto Canada), for others to follow and admire.  The past seems so distant now, but we will always remember Andy for being a charmismatic leader, without forgetting to be just one of the guys.

So sorry for the late greeting, blessings always to your family, hope we can meet someday soon in one of our reunions, and many happy returns!


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