belated happy birthday Tess Aldeguer – Tangco !

Tess in a recent reunion with Eunice Cobankiat – Pascual

belated happy birthday (13th September) to Ms Tess Aldeguer – Tangco !

My only regret when I remember Tess is not knowing her earlier.

From late elmentary to middle school straight to university, Tess and the warmth of her friendship was a constant presence in our lives.  She had that engaging manner that always put you at ease, more so if you joined her circle of friends.

Years and years later, she has retained a closeness that has stood the test of time, never hesitating to ask how you are and how life is treating you, no matter how long you’ve been apart.  It’s as if once you’ve been pals with her, she’ll never stop being your friend, and indeed she has never stopped being ours.

So sorry to have missed your happy day Tess, take care always, and best regards to your loved ones.

YLB Noel


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