belated happy birthday Raul De Los Santos !

belated happy birthday (5th September) to classmate Mr Raul De Los Santos !

Remembering Raul helps me remember a lot of good things in high school.

We were in the drum and bugle corps together for four straight years.  He lived far enough from school that we had to take a jeepney home (with other Quiapo-bound classmates) but not too far that we couldn’t pass by his house and kill time before going home.

It’s been a good number of years since we met and reminisced, but the memories are both strong and fond enough to keep us going.  That is, until the inevitable reunion.

So sorry for the late greeting kabatch, thanks for the memories, and many happy returns!

YLB Noel


4 thoughts on “belated happy birthday Raul De Los Santos !

  1. Thank you for reminiscing pare. It just seems like it was just yesterday my good friend. I even remember when we were at your place shooting a few hoops or the time you would bike to my place late nights to hang out. Thank you for your friendship!

    • the pleasure is mine classmate. it seems the more time passes, the more we hold on to our good memories. It will be a blast when we meet, and bring back the past! hope you had a wonderful birthday by the way!

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