happy happy birthday Dodie de Guzman – Gutierrez !

Dodie with her lovely family !

happy birthday (1st September) to Dodie de Guzman – Gutierrez !

I first met Dodie in the 1980s when I cross-enrolled in UP Manila summers and later, during regular sems. Though she belonged to the org to which I was unofficially accepted, we became fast friends almost naturally.

She was witty, full of great ideas that would change the world, and best of all, was funny as a guy.  She would understand our crude jokes but would come up with zingers of her own, never ran out of cool comebacks to our trying-to-be-cool one-liners and, looking back, was certainly one of the most important members of the barkada.  That was Dodie.

Years and years later, she has undergone the adventures of a lifetime, and yet has the rest her life ahead of her.  She has been a migrant, a pharma executive, an academic, and now, a devoted wife and mother to three.  She has done everything she set out to do, and still she says she has not even begun to live.

But no matter what great adventures await you Dodie, thanks for the years of friendship with Blitz and UP Manila, and for hosting us last July at your lovely home in Quezon City.

Happy birthday, hope you spend your happy day with friends and loved ones, and many happy returns!



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