happy 15th anniversary to Tom & Ining Agustin !

I hope I don’t put too much pressure on them, but when I think of Tom and Ining, the words model couple come to mind.

Not in the materialistic sense, for they are not materialistic as I commonly understand the term.  Instead, they live comfortably as any two-job family does, enjoy two lovely and obedient 🙂 daughters in Keem and Meg, and derive pride and satisfaction from a married life based on love and commitment.  You can’t do much better than that.

But it wouldn’t be a realistic picture without the trials and challenges that face any couple that’s in for the long haul.  They’ve of course been through the ups and downs and hills and valleys of most marriages.

I say most because not all couples tough it out, endure the storms and blizzards of all relationships.  But Tom and Ining are not like most, in fact they seem to do better as the tests and ordeals become harder.  And in the end, as you might expect, each one of them, plus the marriage, becomes stronger.

From your respective families, friends, colleagues and kabayan, happy anniversary and many many more to come!


One thought on “happy 15th anniversary to Tom & Ining Agustin !

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