why Marilou Guangco Scott is my favorite Kinoy*

[ Note : a previous blog on the same subject matter contained an error, which we have removed.  Such error is in no way caused by the subject matter of this blog, and YLB is the sole culprit.  Profuse apologies to anyone who may have been offended by such error.  Thanks for reading! ]

UNLIKELY AND improbable.  Not your everyday descriptions of our Pinoy kabayan, but they are quite useful when thinking of Marilou.

Think about it.  In the midst of a half-hearted business climate, Marilou did one of the unlikelier things in Dunedin, one of the most beautiful cities in New Zealand.  She put up her own arts and crafts shop that specialized in personalized items, carving her own niche where no Pinoy ventured before.

Improbable, because she has taken up causes for abused women, raises money for the NZ Breast Cancer Society, shouts from the rooftops her pride in being Pinoy every Independence Day in probably the southernmost tip of the Southern Hemisphere, and mentors new migrants, and does all these while generating goodwill and teamwork among the Dunedin Philippine community, under the aegis of her umbrella barkada, the Philippine Dunedin Club.

All because in her own words, advocacy of other people’s causes is advocacy for part of yourself.  That’s why we’ll take unlikely and improbable anytime, when these words are part of Marilou’s inspiring efforts.  And this is certainly a great reason why, especially on her birthday ( last 28th August), Marilou Guangco Scott is our favorite Kinoy!


*Kinoy, a contraction for Kiwi Pinoy, is a non-racial term for Filipinos who’ve either been born or have migrated to New Zealand.


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