belated happy birthday Doc Gina Yu – Tecson !

looking great after all these years!

belated happy birthday (20th August) to Doc Gina Yu – Tecson !

Whenever I think of Doc Gina, I remember the jeepney rides from our school near Malacañang to Quiapo, the crazy jokes on the way, and the unqualified happiness of our senior year so many years ago.

But Gina has also been a constant source of strength to all in her circle, an amazing font of fortitude and inspiration to all those facing challenges of life.  She not only provides the healing skills of her profession, but also calming counsel and sage advice from someone well beyond her years.

And looking at her pictures, it likewise appears that Gina has been following her own health advice, looking as fit, young and energetic as anyone half her age.

So sorry for the late greeting Doc Gina, hope you spent your happy day with friends and family.

Looking good, well done and kudos, dear classmate!

YLB Noel


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