spontaneous & naive pinoy observations on London 2012

WE’RE  A Pinoy with Chinese roots, and it’s no surprise that we love Chinese takeaway, appreciate various aspects of Chinese culture, and applaud performances and feats where not only Chinese but Asians outdo and outperform opponents in the global stage. (By the way, you don’t need to be Chinese to appreciate Chinese takeaway 🙂 )

What we don’t appreciate is the fact that the Chinese side don’t take in a sportsmanlike manner the disqualifications and decisions made against it during the 2012 Olympics.

Call us naive, but given the expert, superhuman and very professional way the Brits have administered the London Olympics, the gazillion-and-one details that needed to be attended to, and the ultra-scientific and fair way rules have been enforced, there was simply no way that a sinister and concerted effort was made to make the Chinese fail or look bad, as was implied by sources identified with China.

And really, given what the Chinese sports establishment is prepared to make their youths and athletes endure, almost certainly describable in other countries as torture and unacceptable at the very least, the former should be the last to claim innocence and clean hands when the issue of underhandedness at the highest levels of sports competition is discussed.

Secondly, after watching (albeit sketchily) London 2012, with a heavy emphasis on the closing ceremonies, there is little doubt in our mind that a country like the Philippines can host an event of Olympic magnitude.

It would take probably half a generation to prepare, the country’s defense budget for around five years, but it’s not impossible.  The facts are smaller countries with less populations than the Philippines have successfully staged the Olympics, the investment amount required is formidable but attainable, and the can-do spirit and hospitable attitude of Pinoys are raw but powerful assets that will go a long way towards the fulfillment of a goal like hosting the Olympics.

The rewards expectedly are enormous.  In two weeks, Great Britain has shed its image of a lethargic former world power clinging to past glories.  It has by itself rejuvenated its national economy, and the positive effects will be felt for at least the present generation.

It’s a distant, pie-in-the-sky goal, but certainly a worthy one for a country as humbly placed as ours.

Thanks for reading !

5 thoughts on “spontaneous & naive pinoy observations on London 2012

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