there and back again after 30 years

At this point the titles don’t mean a whole lot, but just for posterity we are flanked by past batch officer Stef Victorino, current batch president Ricky Ko Pio, and past batch officer Mel Asiddao. Except for this loyal blogger, everyone in the pic has done so much to advance the interests of batch 82, and deserve hall-of-fame recognition, kudos guys!

THE SHORT lesson was, if you attend a culminating activity 30 years in the making, small inconveniences should either be taken care of early or endured peaceably.  If one can last through nuclear meltdowns, seismic upheavals, iron curtain-shattering and geopolitical tsunamis, technology-gamechanging, black President-electing, Beatle-dismantling, Bee Gees-terminating and Michael Jackson-moonwalking 10,950 days 1,560 weeks 360 months or 30 years, you had better have a good penetrate-and-escape plan for your 30th anniversary high school reunion, James-Bond level at least.

But I guess that would be too much to expect from a wishy-washy part-time philosopher, part-time blogger and full-time slave like me, so I once again had to miss the lion’s share of that wonderful event prepared by our batch handlers Ricky Ko Pio, Carol Ng – Sy, Kirby Hartigan – Go, Evelyn Cheng, Maribeth Ang – Wong, Melanie Lim, Ricky Cheng, Tessie Sy – Chingkaw, Rosemarie So – Cheng (did I miss anyone?) because esposa hermosa and I had to catch a ride home, of all things.

On the way home I realized, was anything more important than enjoying to the fullest an event like your 30th homecoming?  Wasn’t it worth the hassle of bumming a ride home from someone else, anyone else who had the minimum of a kariton or bicycle that my wife and I could ride on?  Sigh, but I’m counting my blessings anyway.

Blessings like I made it at all to the Philippines when just organizing a trip, finances, wherewithal and all would have and did take major coin and energy; like we were able to accomplish substantive chores that only a trip back home made possible; that both my family and that of esposa were in awesomely good health and with whom we could bond, and that we partook of so much good food, conversation and hospitality in the short time we were back home.

But nothing could match the familiar faces that we saw at the 42nd floor of the Discovery Suites Saturday night.  It would be unfair to mention any single one, but each face that we beheld brought back wonderfully detailed memories that only face-to-face encounters could bring in stark relief, and if you have attended even one reunion, you know what I mean.

Special mention was given to overseas – based members of batch 1982 (what we informally call our group, by the way ), and I was one of those lucky enough to be kudosed, although others came from much further.

I will do my best to post pictures here later, just to show you how little has changed among my high school friends and how well our friendships have weathered the test of time !

Thanks for reading, and to all my high school friends, take a bow please !

YLB Noel


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