reunion alert !

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LET’S SEE.  Have teeth done?  Check.  Visit in-laws?  Check.  Update eyeglasses? Check.  Wow, I’ve been a responsible balikbayan this visit home.  But there seems to be something I’ve forgotten, whatever could that be?

OMG, I almost forgot, we’ve got to get ready for the 30th anniversary reunion of our high school batch in good ol’ St Jude Catholic (SJCS), later today in Pasig City !

Seriously, it will be great to see friends we haven’t seen for a very long time.  Since graduation in fact, so that makes it an even 30 years and change.

Many have gone into the family business and built wealth anyone can be proud of, others have carved out careers that are cornerstones of their communities.  Some have searched for fortune and adventure overseas, and have returned home heroes with tales to tell.  A few, well a select few have outdone themselves to be the very best in what they do, in the particular field they have chosen.

I was lucky enough to have furlough and a little savings set aside for such an event, particularly since I missed our 25th anniv celebrations.

I may be biased, but despite the size of our high school class, a lot of us have kept close and in touch through the years.  The amazing tools of internet, Facebook and connectivity have made the task of staying friends so much easier.

The real magic though will be the face-to-face affirmation of the friendships we have nurtured all these years.  Some may have hibernated, but today is the time to dust the cobwebs off.

That’s what reunions are for, after all.

Thanks to our batch officers led by President Roderick Ko Pio, and I sincerely hope we all have a wonderful time!

YLB Noel


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