belated happy birthday Ricky Ko Pio !

clockwise from left (standing) : Mel Asiddao-Chiong, Klemson See, Teresa Tin, Wilson Lu, the celebrant, Maribeth Ang-Wong, Carol Cuan-Chua and Kirby Hartigan-Go

IT’S SOMETIMES UNFAIR to let one role, task or achievement define a person, but in a few cases you do the person sweet justice.

In elementary (primary) school, Roderick (Ricky) was an outstanding student, was a stats whiz in basketball and tennis, and was popular with anyone who had an ability to discern a quality person when she/he saw one.

He continued this trend in high school, but he had a peculiar trait : he could make you like him without saying a single word or lifting a finger in his favor.  He could’ve been the consummate politician, but he had no need to be one.  That made him even more likeable.

When we sadly had to join the adult world, as far as we could tell, he got along with everyone, and I mean everyone.  There was/is not a single mean bone in his body, which was a bit inconsistent with the fact that he was/is a canny businessman, watching over every major detail of his property insurance enterprise.

I’m getting to the role that defines him in my book, don’t worry.  It was a bit overdue by the time it was his turn to head the SJCS Batch 82 association, although he succeeded many overachieving presidents.  Lo and behold, along with the rest of his officers, he has continued the trend of overachievement, throwing everything but the kitchen sink in their effort to make this year a banner year in the annals of Batch 82.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that 2012 is our 30th anniversary since graduation.  But Ricky, Carol, Kirby, Evelyn (Cheng), Maribeth, Melanie and the rest have done everything to make us proud of ourselves.

Oh, and have I forgotten to add that our president is a devoted husband and father, a role that takes precedence over everything we’ve mentioned above ?

You have outdone yourself Mr President.  Take a bow please, so sorry for the late birthday greeting (27th June), regards to your beautiful family, and many happy returns!

YLB Noel



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