remembering Gaspar “Tito Apan” Montenegro

Dashing and handsome enough to be in showbiz, Tito Apan is here with his son, future Doctor Gan Montenegro.

EXCEPT FOR his own siblings, he was seen by everyone as the handsomest among the brood, and there were many of them (at least nine sons I can remember); he was the one who loved his books and the career he wanted for his kids, if only because he might’ve wanted the career himself.

His pretty bride was Tita Sweetie, and like his brother Tito Roger he built his house by the sea.  He had beautiful children, and he loved his entire family to bits. What more could you ask from him?

Evidently, a bit more.  When I was barely knocking on the door of teenage years and visiting their idyllic island near Masbate, I would wake him up on most mornings and ask him if he would take me horseback riding, swimming, hunting for fruit bats and birds, all the sort of things he as an islander took for granted but knew I wanted to do for the first time in my life.  And he happily obliged most days, and therefore I have an indelible memory of him, like his other brothers, those wonderful summers in my mom’s hometown.

He still exists today, but in the minds and hearts of all who love him, and quite frankly, he will never be forgotten, least of all for those fun-filled summers in Burias Island.

The legacy of life, love, devotion and fatherhood lives on in his wife Sweetie, daughter Jurilou, son Dr Gan and grandchildren.  You were and continue to be fondly remembered last month on your death anniversary, and every day thereafter, until we meet in the next life.

Thanks for the memories Tito Apan!

2 thoughts on “remembering Gaspar “Tito Apan” Montenegro

  1. His death anniversary – Dec. 1 and it was his birthday last month June 10. Thanks for remembering him. For us he is a barkada and one of my best loved brother in law. Salamat . Inday

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