happy birthday Teresita Sy – Chingkaw!


Tessie with her date, I think. If you can look this good after 3 decades of married life with kids, it’s probably as good as it gets. Woohoo!

Happy happy birthday (27th June) to a beloved kabatch, Ms Teresita Sy – Chingkaw!

BY HER lovely self, Tessie would’ve been enough to have been one of our most popular batchmates, I’m referring of course to SJCS Batch 82.  Without trying too hard, she was one of our loveliest, most charming members, not to take anything away from our other kabatch, who do stand out among many batches as one of the prettiest Judenites bar none.

But Tessie has added value to her luster by being one of the most dedicated, pro-active and self-driven batch officers around, always giving 101% of herself in each and every worthy project of the batch.

She is never absent from any batch party or reunion, whether it be Christmas / New Year’s, Mooncake Festival, or any other commemoration, and is one of the prime movers behind this years 30th Anniversary reunion.  She and her fellow officers certainly deserve our kudos.

But for today, the stage is hers alone.  Thanks so much for the wonderful memories classmate, for giving our batch your blood sweat and tears, and just as awesomely, for being our friend.

Happy happy birthday, have a great one, and many happy returns!

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