happy birthday Dr Evelyn Venes – Catuira !


Doc Evelyn (center) with (from left) Annette Sy, Arlene Ayuste and Oliver Uy !

Belated happy birthday (19th June) to Dr Evelyn Venes – Catuira !

She was my classmate only once but it was enough to remember her for life.  She owned one of the most radiant smiles in school, possessed an indescribable charisma that attracted quite of few of the dashing members of the male species in and out of batch 82, and was tomboyish enough to laugh hard at your corniest antics between classes.

It didn’t hurt that two of her brothers were our buddies in the school drum and bugle corps, and that she also lived in our neighborhood.  So that meant free rides home and lots of snacks courtesy of the fresh bread from their family-owned chain of bakeries.  It also meant being an official member of her tight-knit family, an experience we will always treasure.

So  many good memories we have of you achie Evelyn, and the best part is there are more to come!  So great to see you happy with your awesome family, and working in a profession that you love.  God bless you always and have a great birthday !

YLB Noel


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