belated happy birthday Rosemarie So – Cheng !

Our lovely birthday celebrant Rosemarie (left) with equally lovely kabatch Rowena Ong Siong – Co

Belated happy birthday (9th May) to one of the nicest SJCS 82 batchmates we’ll ever know, Ms Rosemarie So – Cheng !

We’ve been classmates with Rose only twice in St Jude if memory serves, once in pre-school and the next time almost 10 years later in high school.

Both times were memorable.  She was the sis we never had, woke us up to the reality of having pretty seatmates that you could both admire and be friends with, copy notes from and share baon (bagged lunches) with.

Years later, we are so happy to see her as a wonderful wife to classmate Ricky and awesome mom to their beautiful children.  Rose and Ricky have gone through good and bad times, and all of these experiences have strengthened their love for each other.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, you only have to look at them to know for sure, which we hope to see on our 30th anniversary reunion! 🙂

So sorry for the belated greeting Rose, hope you had a wonderful birthday, regards to Ricky and your family, and many happy returns!

YLB Noel


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