squeezing two years & four months into 48 hours

after two years, the ladies of our life get together 🙂

[ Note  : Notorious as I am for hardly making sense, you will indulge me I hope, as it is my 47th today.  I am overwhelmed by the birthday greetings on Yahoo! Facebook and elsewhere, I will thank you all soon! ]

I STARTED the eve of this ADHD / dyslexia enamored blogger’s birthday quite oddly, experiencing something unfelt the last five years.

For the first time since forever, all three of our progeny were in one site, two in our  very own household, and we had just taken in two years’ worth of stories in roughly 60 minutes from the female of this brood.  Before that, we had just viewed a Johnny Depp movie that’s always a joy to watch, and before that, a coffee-donut snack.  Everything preceded by a Thai fastfood lunch that was spicy and full of light laughter.

I admit that all these were rare treats we occasionally indulged in, but in fairness to everyone concerned, it was a felicitous occasion.  Even Panganay, who had his issues with his siblings in the past, allowed himself his Sunday best behavior and shy smiles for his own sister. 

The honest truth is, I wanted to take a break not just from my peripatetic blogging, but also running, my infantile toy collecting, and picking up all sorts of reading materials in garage sales, second hand shops and the like. 

I had wanted to prepare for an exam that would help me towards certification in my job, but the opportunity to meet even just one out of two sorely missed children was too good to miss.

And because I had such a nice time this last weekend with Ganda, Esposa hermosa and even Panganay, I wanted to share such with you, even if it was only in a few short words.

A last reminder :  I am truly astounded by the number of well-wishers and people who remembered my happy day, from all over the global Pinoy village.  I will definitely thank each and every one of you, individually and in this site, but for now let me express humble thanks and acknowledgment for honoring Your Loyal Blogger Noel  last 14th, wohoo!

Next week, hopefully, we meet and bond with Bunso.  Another woohoo!

9 thoughts on “squeezing two years & four months into 48 hours

  1. Sometimes distance takes us away from the people we love, but at other times, the distance merely helps us realize how very valuable these people really are, and how precious time is….we regularly angst over the people far away from us, but truly, do we value the people we do have when we have them?

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