what it takes to be Mom: Happy Mother’s Day !

She knew last year we couldn’t attend Bunso’s graduation from miles and miles away, so she made the effort to attend, just like a proud parent! :’)

[ Note : I know I just signed off yesterday, but I completely forgot that we’re almost halfway to the end of the week, which culminates in Mother’s Day.  I’m the designated Prodigal Son in my family, and it’s only twice a year I get to return figuratively to my Mom‘s arms that day and on her birthday, so I have to do this.  Mom, I don’t know if you’ll ever get to read this (wink wink bros) but I love you terribly and miss you more!  PS. Both great pics here are provided by bro Jude Bautista, thanks and acknowledgment to http://judebautista.wordpress.com/ ]

IT’S PROBABLY one of the cruelest jokes of nature that one of the most exalted things that you can be on this Earth is a job most identified with thanklessness, and selflessness.

It sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it?  There is no more universally appreciated role in life.  Even Attila the Hun, Ivan the Terrible and Adolf Hitler must’ve had moms who nurtured and raised them into strapping young men, and much reviled as they were, I’m sure they loved their mothers.  But mothers raise their young knowing that at some inevitable point in their lives, the latter turn their backs on those who gave them life, because it is the way of the world.

She was equally proud of Panganay, having seen him through almost all the rough spots of his college days 🙂 sigh, what would we do without you Mom? (hey Panganay why are you pointing at your Lola?)

I say thankless, because despite the certainty of this knowledge, mothers consider it not only their duty but their destiny to protect and raise their children with the very essence of their own lives.  It is not an exaggeration that a mother will give up their lives for the least of their children without a second thought.  Why selfless?  Considering whether a child is worth any sacrifice is, for his or her mother, not part of the equation, for the moment their offspring leaves the womb, it is understood that its life is linked to her own.  For life.

I’ve had numerous occasions to witness both selflessness and thanklessness in many mothers, but my best examples have to be the ones that hit too close to home. 

I have an indelible memory of my childhood, and it’s funny-sad.  My first birthday party was when I was four or five years old, and right before the party, my mom showed me her purse.  Inside was six pesos and she told me, this is all I have left Noel, but it is worth it, because I know you will have a nice birthday party.  It left me a life-long guilt trip, but it also made me a fan for life.

As regards thanklessness, I know I have disappointed my mother many, many times in life, ran to ask her to save me from my own immaturities and shortsightedness, and she has never failed me.  As soon as I recovered, I would run away and return to the folly of my ways.  She might have gotten frustrated once or twice and left me to my own devices, but ultimately she would not be able to bear seeing any of her sons suffer and come to my aid, time and again.  Sometimes I would thank her, other times I would forget.  But she would never be as forgetful like me.

Perhaps one of a mother’s most underrated gifts is to make each of her children feel that he or she is her favorite, and I know many, many mothers who have this rare ability.  You have this secret knowledge, cherish it in your innermost parts, and yet when you compare notes with siblings, you realize Mom made each of you feel that way.  Not all Moms can do that, but you might be surprised how many do.

When all is said and done, one of the most frustratingly rewarding things that a Mother can claim as regards her children is to see them through all the bumps in the road towards success, and then be able to tell those same successful children, I told you so.

Because warts and all, successes and failures, hits and misses and peaks and valleys, there is no other person who stays on as your Number One Fan, long after everyone else has gone home.  In return all she wants to see is that smile on your face, and for you to tell her you’re happy.  THAT’S her reward.

Thank you for showing me a slice of heaven on Earth, Mom.  You really are the best!

Advance Happy Mother’s Day from five grateful sons.  I love you very much!



9 thoughts on “what it takes to be Mom: Happy Mother’s Day !

  1. I am sure that your Mom is savoring every word that you said. She loves you no matter what
    became of you. She will always love you! Thank you Noel for this wonderful tribute to your mother!

  2. As always, brilliant writing, Noel. Thank you for sharing this with me. As a Mom to three wonderful boys, I know how much your Mom will appreciate your expression of love and gratitude. And as much as you wanna call yourself the prodigal son, I’m also sure that your Mom’s heart is filled with pride every time she sees you… because every time she looks at you, all she sees is the wonderful human being that you have turned out to be!

    I’m as much in awe of you as I was when I first met you… back when we were five. 🙂

    Stay magnificent, as you were born to be!

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  4. There are some things you probably can’t express verbally or personally convey your messages to your loved ones….it is enough that through your writings you have acknowledged their impacts on your life….as always, you have made your mom proud….brilliant writing….come to think of it, why don’t you make a sideline by contributing articles to magazines….just a thought to ponder…:-)))) you just might make a career out of it….

    • wow, thanks so much for your kind comment classmate 🙂 it’s so true and I agree with you that some things are easier written or read than said, and that thought guides me more often than not, we probably think alike Jocelyn! thanks for visiting the site and being thoughtful enough to send a comment, you made my day!

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