belated happy birthday Evelyn Go – Sy !

Evelyn, on extreme left, with other beauties of SJCS Batch 82 : Eunice Cobankiat-Pascual, Arlene Ayuste, and Annette Sy. 🙂

Belated happy birthday (1st May) to Ms Evelyn Go – Sy!

Even when we were in high school, Evelyn was always the soft-spoken reserved sort.

She wasn’t the talkative, gregarious type, but when she did have something to say, it was usually insightful, and often left you pondering on the impact of those few words.

She hasn’t changed much, but still chooses her words carefully.  When she takes you aside and you end up discussing life and how good it has been to you, you end up wondering how much you missed not listening to her more.

The great thing is after all these years, Evelyn is still your friend and batchmate, as she is to every member of the batch.

Thanks for the years of friendship, Evelyn, so sorry for the late greeting, and hope you had every wish granted on your birthday!

YLB Noel


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