belated happy birthday Pauline See – Sua !

Pauline with Grace Chua – Tan (standing) and Ms Mel Asiddao – Chiong in one of the batch’s mini-reunions.

so sorry for the late greeting (30th April) for a fondly-remembered friend, Ms Pauline See – Sua !

In elementary school, Pauline was everything a teacher wanted to see in a student.  Perfect behavior, great academics, and reliable as a class officer, despite our very unreliable ages.  She always came through, was as good as advertised, and could you blame the teachers for choosing her as the perennial teacher’s pet?

Years later, she is as successful as anyone in the batch, basks in the glow of her lovely family, and has shared her time, talents and energy to the batch 82 group.  Could you blame her batchmates for seeing her as one of its most well-liked kabatch?

The batch is grateful for a generous member like you dear Pauline, take care always, and belated happy birthday!  Regards to Kenton and the rest of your family!

YLB Noel


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