happy birthday Atty Elizabeth Cueva !

Atty Lilibeth with her best pal Bijou 🙂 happy birthday again 🙂

ATTY ELIZABETH “Lilibeth” Cueva is probably on her own one of the best reasons to maintain a Facebook account.  From across thousands and thousands of miles she manages to show you she cares for various aspects of your life, and how generous she is to share with you aspects of her own.

All this without us having had the pleasure of seeing her face-to-face for quite a number of years now, and if you don’t mind our saying so, the pictures do quite flatter her.  The years have been kind to this kind soul, and she shows no signs of yielding to the ravages of Father Time.  If Lilibeth were a garden, then she would dazzle us with fresh vibrant blossoms every year, so mesmerizing that we would get lost in such a garden without even realizing it.

If out of her many gifts and talents we were asked to pick one that best represented her, it would probably be her almost effortless way of being happy, and making everybody else around her just as.  How does she do it?  We’ll figure you out someday Counsel, but for now just let me wish you a super happy birthday, regards to Bijou your pride and joy and God bless you always !



7 thoughts on “happy birthday Atty Elizabeth Cueva !

  1. Hello Noel, Thank you so much for such a wonderful birthday greeting and write-up. I’m quite a bit at loss for words. It definitely made me smile from across the miles. 🙂 I feel very honored and grateful that you spend time and thought to write this. I will definitely save this. 🙂 I truly enjoy reading about your thoughts and insights, and your sagas and experiences on your blog and on FB. Your sharing enriches all of us. It will soon be your birthday and I don’t know if I can be as eloquent in expressing my heartfelt well wishes on your birthday. For now, let me greet you Happy Happy birthday as well. Your gift is being reunited soon with your kids and being in the company of people who love you and whom you love. God bless you always. Abrazos!

    • I forgot to add Ms Lilibeth, this greeting unless wordpress is dissolved will stay here forever! Yes, it’s almost unbelievable that I can see them by just commuting across town instead of several thousand kilometers! Thanks again and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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