belated happy birthday Richard “Chat” Uy !

Chat with some of our kabatch from here and abroad. He is on the extreme right. Others are, from the other side : Arch Wilson Recato Tan, Annette Sy, Dr Evelyn Venes - Catuira, Eunice Cobankiat - Pascual, Arlene Ayuste, and Stefanie Victorino.

Belated happy birthday (27th April) to kabatch Mr Richard “Chat” Uy !

In high school, Chat was larger than life.  Imposing physically, he had both dexterity, physical skills and the court smarts to represent both batch 82 and SJCS against older, bigger and more experienced opponents.

On any team that Chat played, we basked in the reflected glory of his uncompromising game : sometimes outscored, but never outfought or outsmarted.

Years later, Chat is the proud owner of an overachieving freight forwarding business.  The competitive skills he sharpened on the hardcourt he now uses in the business arena.

Congrats for shining and performing wherever you are kabatch, sorry for the late greeting, and many happy returns !


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