hey Gloria !

[Note : Today three years ago, our high school kabatch Gloria Ang left us, and although her sis Pilar constantly reminds us of her, it’s nice to remember her on her own.  I wrote a short letter on her anniv and am sharing it with you! ]

Dear Gloria :

Just a few lines here and there while I wait for the rain to clear before a lazy jog around the block.

Wow, so many things have happened since you left for that great classroom in the sky.  I know we hardly met in the years after graduation, but I still feel a strong connection with you and every other high school batchmate.

I know your kids have sprouted like cornstalks since you left us, and they are almost all grown up now.  Your youngest will be ready for school in a year or two, of course they miss their mom, but overall they are doing the best they can.

Most of your kabatch are already in the zeniths of their careers, some like me have tried new career paths in different lands, far from the original routes charted, but adjusting just the same.  Others have done quite well in business, and as far as I can tell are giving back as generously as life has seen fit to give them.

You would be amazed Gloria at the next generation batch 82 has produced, future leaders, budding artists, and prodigies in various fields of arts and sciences, so prodigious has been our output in overachieving children that, looking back on our helter skelter and wild youth, you could hardly have imagined it.  Well, not you so much, but certainly not from batchmates like me. (obligatory smiley inserted 🙂 )

I probably don’t need to remind you that our 30th anniversary celebrations as high school batch 82 comes  this year, organized by our very capable batch officers.  Yes, it’s been three decades since we all shared our wonder years together, I wouldn’t have believed it had I not counted the years myself.  We will be there to recount all those happy times together, and of course I know you won’t make too much noise, but you will be there with us.  If you haven’t marked it down, kabatch will be in from all over, don’t dare miss it !

We all miss you Gloria, and we’ll be thinking of you there.

YLB Noel


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