happy birthday Dolly Agustin – Dy !

Happy birthday (24th April) to a fondly remembered classmate and friend, Dolly Agustin – Dy !

It didn’t take much to say hello and drop by a friend’s house, in the old days.  In our electronically interconnected world it’s even easier, just a point-and-click, a few choice words besides how-do-you-do-I’m-fine-thanks, to let the receiver know he or she’s important in your life.

It does wonders for the soul and ego, on both ends of the modem, and our friend / kabatch Dolly Agustin – Dy has done this to us often enough that we enjoy a regular rush whenever we see her name and pic on our screen, but not too often that we take her hi’s for granted.

Dolly has a way of making the happy happier and the appreciated things more so, and the pics you see of her and her family do nothing to diminish this effect.

Whether or not it’s her intention or it’s just part of the way she is, you never know, because by being your friend, she makes sure that’s the Dolly you see, every single time!

Happy birthday classmate, hope all your birthday wishes come true today, tomorrow and always, regards to your family and God bless!

YLB Noel


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