saying goodbye 2 part of Pinoy childhood, in a strange land

Your Loyal Blogger with Papa Stormtrooper and Baby Stormtrooper, outside their Death Star cottage. Mama Stormtrooper took the pic. 🙂

[ Note : I’ve never, ever ever done a photo blog especially in the way my esteemed bro Jude does, but it would be an eminent waste of pics and shots if we just chucked these into the recycle bin, even with my disposable camera, some of the pics feature a bit of eye candy! thanks for reading/viewing ! ]

TO BE brutally frank about it, some of the toys and collectibles sold, though flashy and gaudy, might be found cheaper elsewhere, the autograph signers were hardly household names, and sad to say there was B.O. in nearly every other corner.

But an event like this happens only once a year, and I’ll probably be too old to attend it in the next year or two, if not long ago.

If you can identify which anime or gaming character she was trying to copy, then goodie ! She was a hottie too 1 🙂

I refer to Armageddon 2012 held in Wellington, a pop culture expo that features comics, toys, Japanese anime and cosplay costume competitions, sci-fi and fantasy premieres, and autograph signings from actors, directors, artists in the TV, film and gaming genres.

they were already tired by the time I asked if I could take their picture, another anime inspired pair of costumes

In short, everything a geek would consider interesting, this event showcases.  If you’re still at a loss on what I’m referring to, think Star Wars, Star Trek (and all its variants), Stargate, the DC and Marvel universes, the monolithic multiverse of Japanese anime and manga comics, and anything else that appeals to Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Rajesh’s eclectic tastes in The Big Bang Theory.

Ah, I'm almost sure these were World of Warcraft inspired. They also wouldn't have worked if they didn't have the, uhm, figures for the costumes.

I definitely don’t have the IQ of a nerd, but I grew up enjoying comics, sci-fi books, and later in life enjoyed Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, whose popularity overlapped nerd and mainstream worlds of devotees.  I discovered that in my temporary adopted land, there was an umbrella event that allowed enthusiasts of all interactive media (think comics, books, TV, movies and all gaming platforms) to show off their rabid devotion to whatever drew them to sci-fi, horror or fantasy.

how could I not include Supergirl in this pic collection? The stuff of my dreams !

Truth to tell, there is no way to define what can and cannot be considered part of Armageddon, described as a pop culture expo, that I was lucky enough to attend in Auckland in 2009 but missed last year and the year before.  As long as its a product of the imagination, it can be admitted.

for effort alone, we give this anime other-worlder an A 🙂

And of course, the first to take advantage are the film distributors (Avengers posters and streamers all around), toy companies (action figures, costumes and toy weapons are extremely popular), comic and other print media outfits (not just the establishment DC and Marvel but anime and independent companies).

He's just waiting for the sequel now, you never know if a casting agent is around. The director by the way owns a farm in NZ, and may just drop by

But the most popular and cherished part of Armageddon are the cosplay or dress-up competitions, in which you get to prettify yourself in your favorite anime, comic book, sci-fi franchise or TV character, what have you.

Even Grandma Wonder Woman wanted to get a piece of the action 🙂

Expectedly, I was drawn to Star Wars costumes and memorabilia from the same era, probably because of my age.  But there were many, many other enthusiasts all decked out in costumes of their imaginary heroes, in what were obviously a labor of love.

Sailor Moon? Card captor Sakura? Whatever, her Asian-ness lends oodles of authenticity to her costume, and the Kiwi girls are envious!

I think I’ve said enough, here are the rest of the pics.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

you could tell she dug deep in her daughter's bureau for this ensemble 🙂

she INSISTED that i take a full-body pose of her, and who was I to refuse?


4 thoughts on “saying goodbye 2 part of Pinoy childhood, in a strange land

  1. Bro you were handing out zingers left and right in this post! Especially for the MILFY cosplayers which i’m actual partial to! I’m just amazed with the reach of Japanese Anime. i didn’t think Kiwis would be into it too much the way we Pinoys are. Great work! For me it’s not the technical standards of a photo (which are OK), but the stories and descriptions attached with them that also make them interesting. Ciao, thank you for the link.

  2. hahaha ! you always make my day with your “winning” (think Charlie Sheen) comments bro 🙂 Actually the whole time I was in Armageddon I was thinking of the time we were together in Megamall for the Philippine counterpart event. Yes, Kiwis are so very into anime, the Generation Y’ers I mean, except they really devote time and money to their cosplaying, am not saying our kabayan don’t, but they have a bit more money. Thanks loads for your photog kudos, my shutter fingers are extremely untrained, but they derive inspiration from yours! Always welcome kapatid!.

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