happy happy birthday Achie Hedy Ong – Soliman !

Could a pair of lovelies look any lovelier? Our b-day celebrant with another kabatch Jocelyn Sy-Chionglo during a visit to Toronto Canada

Happy happy birthday (21st April) to a cherished high school batchmate, Ms Hedy Ong – Soliman !

Among the people I knew and befriended in high school, the results of QueenHedy’s life so far seem to be one of the most impressive.

Overachieving children, feel-good family life, an outstanding marriage with her high school love Jack, an age-defying figure many women half her age would love to have, and the proud results of half a lifetime of hard work and diligent saving.  Could anyone want more?

But if you go a little deeper, you could tell that our kabatch did it the normal way, which is inch by inch, drop by drop, day by day and step by step.  All you need to do is ask her.  The tried- and-tested (but not always obvious) tools like migrating to a better land, hands-on and caring motherhood, and working at your relationship, were the things she set her sights on as early as years ago, and remain with her today.

Of course, it helps that she has always been easy on the eyes, deceptively disciplined (makes it look effortless), and isn’t afraid of asking advice and help from whoever is around to offer it.  That’s why she still looks good by the way, and if you can believe it, actually looks better than she ever did.

A bonus of all the above is whenever you need an email of inspiration, a chat to make your day, or a hi for no reason at all, she is almost always there, like she reads your mind.  This is what Achie Hedy has been for me, and the least I can do is wish her well on her birthday, for she makes the world a happier place.

Happy happy birthday dear friend, hope this short greeting picks you up like you have picked me up many times, regards to Jack, Renee, Ashley and your other daughter 😉

Love always

YLB Noel



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