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Jude Bautista Gallery

Written and photographed

By Jude Thaddeus L. Bautista

China’s incursion into the Scarborough shoal is nothing new. Philippine authorities have arrested Chinese fishermen in the past. When it happens though it’s usually a matter of turning over the erring fishermen to their side. This time though it’s different. 2 CMS Chinese Navy surveillance ships have ‘assisted’ the invading fishermen caught red handed. There’s no denying it. The vessels were found by Phil Navy not just with fish but also with giant clams, corals and even live sharks. Nearly all of them are prohibited by local and international law from being caught or harvested and being driven to extinction.

The stand off between their surveillance ships and our own navy ship the BRP Gregorio Del Pilar is still going on, which started from Tuesday April 10. The main defense of the Chinese government is that the Scarborough Shoal is part of…

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