how faulty routers lead to Batman figures

the router looks a lot like this one, but I can tell it's on it's way out >:)

[Note : A very short blog.  Thanks for deciphering!]

AMAZING HOW a small device can throw your day out of whack, of course machines rule our lives, witness pacemakers, iPods, Blackberrys etc have become things we can’t do without.

But early this morning the router was acting up again, I knew our occasional flatmate Panganay (the self-proclaimed I.T. expert) wasn’t getting up till noon at the earliest, and I had to do my business earlier than usual.

I usually check emails, read updates, surf unmissable websites (you hate them but you have to visit them regularly, just to maintain your annoyance over same) and juggle change between paltry savings and penny wages the last minute, just before I zoom to work.

Zoom is figurative, because I bike slower than a grandma (sorry to insult all grandmas around) to work.  But because I had to make sure I was gonna do it right, I rectified modem cable to bored laptop first thing after the most important meal of the day, oatmeal (arrrrrg), weak coffee and last night’s leftovers, stuff I didn’t recognize on the casserole.

All told, this took time.  Which pushed back hurrying to the mall to pay the TelstraClear bill (which doubled as the phone and Internet service bill).  Which pushed back the daily jog around the barangay, a steadily rarer event since autumn leaves started blowing in (like the song).  Which pushed back, whew, getting ready for work.

Anointing myself in fragrant oils, meaning my cologne, deodorant and other manly stuff, showering, getting baon and assorted snacks ready for work, also took a total of 30 to 45 minutes.  And that’s why today’s wrinkle of no router left almost no time for other stuff, as everything had been pushed back by my DYI internet troubleshooting.

not this awesome looking, but the figure I found looks like the tiniest one in front. I can't afford any of the other ones, sigh. 😦

An unexpected stroke of luck took place though.  Running around the park faster than usual (not hard since i run so slow) gave me a few minutes to pass by my favorite store, the Salvation Army store, which is as if you didn’t know a giant permanent garage sale.  I saw a small Batman action figure (to add to my collection) that really made my day, and that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t finish my run sooner, go to the mall later,  try to fix internet connection, or if the router hadn’t acted up.

What’s the correct proverb for this case?  Daig ng maagap ang masipag?  Those who work hard often get lucky?  Or a stitch in time saves nine?   In my case, I think it’s blog early, and blog often.

Thanks for reading !

6 thoughts on “how faulty routers lead to Batman figures

    • Hey Andro, I’m not sure, just that it acts up in the mornings, and we bought it 4 years ago. I think it’s a D-Link router. Thanks so much for the response, maybe you can advise if I can still use it or buy a new one, regards!

      • I am guessing it’s okay now? If it happens again and is frequent then it’s time to shop around for one. You could do an isolation diagnostic – basically means that try using another router (if you have another one handy around). If that does not yield troubles, then the culprit is more likely the 1st one. Cheers

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